July 5, 2012

5 Things You Should Know Before You Board

Traveling isn’t always easy, especially if you plan on going abroad. There are all sorts of odds and ends to check before you head over. Here are 5 things you should take notes on before you get to your destination.

Weather: Check the weather. Believe it or not, a lot of travelers forge to check the weather, which makes packing interesting. Check the forecast for your time you will be there and pack accordingly. Remember if you forget something not to panic, that most places you will head too will have some sort of market or store you can get that missed item. 

Flying Rules: Going to another country you will encounter a lot of security and check points. Make sure that you carry all the correct identification papers you need like your state license and passport. Be sure that you are aware of what customs will go through and understand what you can and cannot bring into their country. A tip: Always plan plenty of time between each stop, custom lines can get very long and time consuming. 

Transportation: Research how you will get around once you arrive. Will you need a taxi? Are there train, bus or subway stations to take and what will you need to ride these? Can you walk to your final destination? You can do this all by checking out your accommodation’s website, if all else fails send an email and ask for help from the hostel, host family or hotel. 

Currency: You want to know before you land, where what the currency rate is and where you can get your money exchanged. Sooner the better. Most airports offer places once you exit the plane. Be sure that you understand the rate exchange and always count your money and keep it safe.

General laws and policies: Every country has the same basic rules, don’t hurt anyone and mind the rules. Before you head to your new place, check out that countries website for laws and regulations. You want to be sure you know what is okay and what is not okay. Studying these laws can help prevent any unfortunate mishaps from happening. 

Safe travels and Bon Voyage!

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