March 13, 2013

Travel Gadgets to Take Abroad

You’re getting ready for that big trip abroad. With all those airline regulations, the cost of extra bags, the temptations of lugging more rather less, planning can be daunting.      

Packing for international travel requires careful thought. You need to take the necessities but you also want some comfort items. Suppose there were some gadgets on the market that could serve both need and comfort? Might that ease the planning stress syndrome?

Clothes, shoes and toothbrush aside, what does everybody take on their trip abroad? Hint: Something to help them share the trip’s memories with family and friends. That’s right, a camera. Certainly cellphones are good in a pinch, but for those special moments, you want a decent piece of equipment to capture what most cell phones miss - details:

Sony Cybershot w GPS
An 18MP Exmor R sensor promises excellent quality low light images, despite the relatively high resolution. A 20x optical zoom lens providing an angle of view equivalent to a 35-500mm lens on a 35mm camera should cover most photographic situations when traveling. High quality Full HD 50p videos can be recorded, and a GPS function is included for tagging images with your position. Plenty of artistic picture effects and easy creative options are also included to get your creativity flowing.

FourSquare App
Foursquare is a location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such a smartphones. Users using a mobile website check in at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application. The app uses the iPhone’s built-in GpS at restaurants, bars, parks, and other attractions in your city. When you visit any of those locations, you "check in" on the FourSquare app. It then broadcasts your location to your friends. You will also be able to see where your friends have checked in. This helps you meet up with them or find new things to do. This nifty app allows you to write reviews and info about the location, which will be available to others who use Foursquare.

These tips include everything from the best thing to order off a restaurant's menu or the secret cocktail that is a must-order at a local bar. You can also read users’ tips to find out which spaces are the best and what’s worth eating, drinking or seeing. As a student studying abroad, this is a great way to find places where local students and young people hang out, thus enhancing your cultural immersion. Foursquare is a simple way to let family and friends back home know where you are and what you’re up to (if you want them to know). Plus, it’s quicker and cheaper than a phone call.

Cross between a spoon and a fork, convenient for eating snacks, street meals, questionable sanitation issues, lightweight, space saving

I know what you’re thinking. Who wears a watch these days? Pebblewatch is the first watch built for the 21st century. It's infinitely customizable, with beautiful down-loadable watch faces and useful Internet-connected apps. Pebble connects to iPhone and Android smartphones. Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. While designing Pebble, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into everyday life.

Okay, it’s not a gadget, but it’s a necessary item.

Adaptor plugs
It might seem obvious, but lots of people tend to forget these, or think they can buy them once out there. Wrong. So many countries don’t do the whole 3-pin plug converters, so make sure you pack a few spares..

Travel charge adaptor Universal 4-port USB Power Charger Adapter Travel Adapter with US/UK/EU/AU Plugs for Mobile Devices.
Travel wall charger adapter with 4 USB ports
Use the power adapter to charge mobile devices such as iPad, iPod, mobile phones, and music players. Easy operation, connect the adapter to your mobile devices via standard USB charging cable (not included)

With 4 USB ports, you can charger 4 devices at the same time
Comes with 4 detachable types of plugs (US/ UK/ EU/ AU) to make your different needs
Simply plug the charger into any different style wall outlet

Clear UV Water Purifier
Purifies water anytime, anywhere. The purifier has an ultraviolet light bulb in the bottle cap and is good for 10,000 cleaning cycles

Travel Earplugs
For a joyful and quiet environment, these are invaluable

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